About Us

ōh-kō / nō-kō

modern kids clothing for curious minds and playful spirits



AOKO NOKO is a kids clothing and lifestyle brand based in New York City. As a family company, we’re parents to two young curious and energetic boys. My husband and Creative Partner, Stephen, comes with 18 years of design experience in the fashion industry. Having spent much of his time traveling and being apart from family, he realized he was missing the best parts of his boys’ childhood. Together, we found our passion to put deeper meaning in work and began developing our own kidswear brand. By November 2017, we launched our company, AOKO NOKO. Its name is a play on our children's initials – A.K. and N.K., because after all, they were the ones who inspired this chapter of our lives. Their curious minds and playful spirits, combined with our love for art, characterize the design aesthetic for our brand.

As city dwellers and parents, we draw inspiration from the vibrant culture around us as well as our kids; the way they play, how they perceive the world, and all the adventures they take us on! Our designs are modern, playful yet sophisticated, and thoughtfully crafted. We love playing with tonal textures and graphic patterns while adding splashes of colors, and putting special care in little details such as fun reflective elements that highlight the artistic energy of our brand. We are also passionate about creating lasting and neutral unisex pieces that can be passed from one child to the next. And because kids are all about comfort, our pieces are designed with that in mind; allowing children to be free, creative, and expressive in any setting! 


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